The DonDollars project is introduced as an innovative initiative leveraging Artificial Intelligence and gamification on NFTs to create a value-rich ecosystem. Drawing inspiration from 1920s mafia comics and movies, the project promises a unique and engaging experience for users.

One of the standout features of DonDollars is its fair and transparent launch. The team’s liquidity, comprising 15%, is locked for a period of 6 months, demonstrating a commitment to long-term goals and avoiding premature token sales. The project launch occurs in two phases: an incremental direct sale on the website followed by a sale on for the remaining 50%. This approach aims to ensure an equitable distribution of tokens.

All funds raised during the launch will be allocated to liquidity on PancakeSwap, with a noteworthy detail—liquidity will be locked for a year. This contributes to market stability and creates a safer environment for investors. The remaining 15% of funds will be distributed through airdrops and directed towards project development, ensuring a prudent resource management strategy.

Transparency is at the core of DonDollars‘ philosophy, seeking to establish a strong trust foundation with the community. It is hoped that the community will respond significantly, as active participation is crucial for the project’s growth. In the long run, DonDollars aims to build a robust ecosystem where the token serves as an essential utility, emphasizing the importance of an engaged community and a project focused on sustainability.


PRESALE token price 300.000 = 1 BNB max 20% token
jan 2024 100%

During this phase, until the fundraising surpasses 2 BNB and up to a maximum of 10 BNB, the tokens will be sold at a price of 1 BNB for 300,000 DDLS.

It’s a limited-time opportunity where early participants can seize the moment and secure their share of DonDollars Tokens at this favorable exchange rate. Act swiftly, as this exclusive pricing is only available within the specified funding range.

SALE on PINKSALE platform (10 JAN 2024)

During the sale on PinkSale Finance, up to a maximum of 70% of the project tokens will be allocated, aiming to collect between 25 and 100 BNB by the end of the campaign.

Once the fundraising concludes, all the gathered liquidity will be locked for a year on PancakeSwap, and the remaining tokens will be allocated to the pool. This strategic move ensures stability and long-term commitment, safeguarding both the project and its community.



The project will not be listed on PancakeSwap by our team until it reaches a value of 10 BNB or a decision is made by the team. Those who purchase tokens in the presale are aware that the sale is final.

The plans have changed, and realistically, the project will proceed according to this schedule (subject to change at any time).



We will actively promote the project on all trackers and engage in various activities to enhance visibility on platforms such as CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, Dextools, and similar websites.

Our goal is to maintain a strong and consistent presence, ensuring that the project remains prominently visible. Through strategic efforts, we aim to expand our community and create widespread awareness, making the project easily discoverable for potential participants and enthusiasts. Stay tuned for exciting updates and initiatives as we work tirelessly to grow our community and project visibility across the crypto landscape.


We are actively working towards listing on centralized exchanges (CEX) to facilitate trading beyond decentralized platforms.

This strategic move aims to broaden accessibility and provide users with additional avenues for exchanging our tokens. By expanding our presence to CEX exchanges, we aim to cater to a wider audience and enhance the overall liquidity and trading experience for our community.

Stay tuned for updates as we progress towards listing on prominent centralized exchanges.